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Call for Proposals

The application process begins with a student identifying a research mentor. This may be a faculty member at their home institute who will supervise the SUPER applicant over the course of the summer. The research is nominally expected to take place at the student’s home institute under the supervision of the research mentor, but we can also provide suggested mentors and projects in other institutions in cases where the applicant is not at a US ATLAS institution. The student can also be based at one of the four US ATLAS ATCs (ANL, BNL, LBNL or SLAC). In this case, a research mentor is also needed, and an additional supervisor at the ATC is also required. The chosen proposals will be selected on a competitive basis and funded with the available budget. We envision funding ~15 students in 2022. Students will be expected to submit a one-page progress report at the 4 week mark of the program, a final report of at least 3 pages at the end of the program and present at an online Symposium event. Students who have submitted the best reports and the best presentation will each be eligible for up to $1000 in funding to attend the annual US ATLAS meeting.

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How to apply

The application form can be found here

Click on the link Application on the left to complete the online form and upload the materials by February 23, 2022.

In case of any questions, please email the the US ATLAS Physics Support Managers and Outreach Coordinators.

Applications should contain several required pieces:

  • A short description (1 page maximum) of the motivation and planned research. This is to be written by the student applying for SUPER funding, and must begin with a clear title. The student may discuss the proposal with their research mentor before submission. In addition to a description of the planned research, the proposal should explicitly mention any previous particle physics research (on ATLAS or otherwise).
  • A CV or Resume. Summarize your academic background (such as number of years of study, GPA, etc). Please include relevant preparation including any applicable skills (such as competency in a programming language, knowledge of ROOT, experience with detector hardware, etc).
  • Contact information for a letter of support. This should correspond to the research mentor in case this is known. If the project is to take place at an ATC or elsewhere, away from the home institute, an additional reference from the supervisor at the ATC/remote location is also appreciated. Please arrange for the reference letter(s) to be sent to the US ATLAS Physics Support Managers and Outreach Coordinators no later than March 1, 2022. It is up to the applicant to ensure that letters are sent and received in a timely manner.

Consult the SUPER FAQ page.